Why WellPeer?

WellPeer brings a better and more active daily life to people who may have difficulty accessing regular fitness programs.

Accessing gyms and fitness facilities is often difficult for special populations.
Standard fitness classes designed for normally-abled people often do not accommodate specific physical, neural and emotional challenges of special populations.

WellPeer develops and disseminates fitness resources specifically designed to meet the needs of special populations.

Our online fitness resources provide advice, professionally-vetted information, peer support and recommendations for products and service providers.

Millions of people live with stabilized, chronic medical conditions.
People living with these challenges often find it difficult to maintain an optimum level of physical fitness. Many have great difficulty participating in and keeping up with regular fitness programs. Our programs, both in-person and on line, offer accessibility and relevance – improving the chances for success.

Consultation Services

In addition to our programs, WellPeer offers group and individual consultation services. We work with you to assess your current situation and future needs. We provide guidelines, identify resources and recommend a fitness plan.

We work in conjunction with other professionals to ensure a unified approach to your health and wellness.

Contact us to discuss how we can help.

Our Services

stroke survivor fitness

Stroke survivor fitness classes and online resources

For someone who has survived a stroke, regular healthy exercise is vitally important!

Finding the right exercise formula can be a challenge. Standard fitness options designed for normally-abled people may not accommodate a stroke survivor’s specific physical, neural and emotional challenges.

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work out your words

The WellPeer Work Out Your Words program synchronizes language and cognitive tasks with movement.

We have developed synchronized exercise sets that not only improve strength, mobility and endurance, but also promote language.

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